Historical LFC Kits

"Our game against Anderlecht at Anfield was a night of milestones. We wore the all red strip for the first time. Christ, the players looked like giants. And we played like giants."

The immortal words of Bill Shankly provide a somewhat poignant way to describe the unique aura that surrounds the all-red kit of Liverpool Football Club.

It has become a symbol of our spirit and an important part of our tradition, standing proudly alongside the mystique of the Kop and Anfield itself.

We have racked up countless League Championships, secured our first ever FA Cup and conquered the continent five times over - all donning the 'all-scarlet' kit.

But it wasn't always the case as the 52 kits shown below demonstrate.

When the club was formed way back in 1892, the players took to the field sporting a strip that bore more of a likeness to that of modern-day Blackburn Rovers rather than the Liverpool we know today. 

The blue and white top with navy shorts and socks remained our colours for the next three years before being replaced by the red and white associated with the pre-Shankly era.

There were no dramatic changes to the Liverpool kit during the early part of our history, with black socks sporadically breaking the trend.

However, the famous liverbird took its perch on the left-hand side of the chest from 1955, a symbol that has continued to signify the prestige involved with playing for Liverpool FC.

And in 1964 Shankly made the decision that would transform the perception of the team forever.

"We used to play in white shorts with red stripes, white stockings with red tops and white piping on the jerseys," he recalled years later.

"But we switched to all red and it was fantastic. The introduction of the all scarlet strip had a huge psychological effect. I went home that night and I said to Ness: "You know something... tonight I went out onto Anfield and for the first time there was a glow like a fire was burning."

Years of glory would follow, and while it would be too simplistic to suggest the kit was a decisive factor, it became a source of inspiration for both players and fans alike.

The dawn of shirt sponsorship provided the next dramatic change, with Japanese electronics maker, Hitachi, the first name to grace the front of the famous red shirt.

It would not only provide the club with a new source of income, but also became a point of reference for supporters recalling memorable matches.

The six year era that saw Crown Paints emblazoned across the players' tops would include some of the most significant moments in our history, including the appointment of our first and only player manager, Kenny Dalglish.

A four year association with Candy would follow, a period that saw us claim our 18th and last title to-date in 1990.

The Carlsberg years would span the managerial reigns of Roy Evans and Gerard Houllier, as well as the beginning of the Rafalution and that incredible night in Istanbul.

The summer of 2010 brought that 18 year relationship to an end, with Standard Chartered carrying the baton forward for what will hopefully be a trophy-laden future.

All graphics reproduced by kind permission of Historical Football Kits.co.uk.